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Master Buchholz
Master Buchholz' philosophy of teaching is to exhaust his knowledge of martial arts to any student who has a desire to learn. read more...

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Welcome to One Tree Martial Arts.
Eau Claire's BEST martial arts dojo for 15 years!
Since 1999 our goal at One Tree has been to provide quality, science-based martial arts education and training to individuals seeking to be able to protect themselves and benefit from the healthy lifestyle which comes from martial arts study and practice.

For individuals without any martial arts background, or even those who may have some experience in the past, choosing a school can be a confusing task. While many assume that "karate is karate", the fact is that there are many things to think through BEFORE choosing a school. Let us help you toward making the right choice for your martial arts journey. more...

How to Choose the Right Martial Arts School.

Karate isn't Only for Kids —
How do adults benefit from martial arts training?
Karate, Taekwondo, or Martial Arts Oh My! —
How do I choose the best martial arts school?
MMA or Traditional Martial Arts? —
What do I REALLY want to study?

Martial arts for your kids is a great head start in life, but martial arts training and study will surprise and challenge adults in many ways as well. And by beginning your martial arts lifestyle now, you will soon benefit in ways you never imagined. More on how Adults benefit from a martial arts lifestyle.

There are many things to look for in a quality martial arts school. Something that may help is to look at schools as institutions of higher learning such as a college or technical school. The level of professionalism in a school will directly reflect on the level of training received. More on types of schools here.

The Mixed Martial Arts movement, fueled by the UFC has a multi-million dollar ad campaign running world-wide that is sometimes the only perspective someone interested in martial arts study may be given. It is not uncommon for me to be asked if I teach Mixed Martial Arts. I usually answer this with the question "why do you want to study Mixed Martial Arts?". More here.

If you have other questions that you would like us to answer, please feel free to contact us with them. We want anyone who is interested in martial arts study to be fully and honestly informed. Contact Us Here.

  Interested but have Karate questions?
If you are interested in scheduling a free tour of our facility and having all your questions answered in person, contact our Enrollment Coordinator Lisa. She is a people person by nature and loves helping people start their journey in the martial arts. Contact her directly by clicking here.

The many benefits of Martial Arts!

Read how enrolling your child in a One Tree Martial Arts Kids' class can give give them a head start in everything from academics to athletics!

"The benefits
of training at
OTMA have been tremendous..."

"I started taking martial arts lessons originally to be able to defend myself. Now I know that I can take care of myself, but I have also become more physically fit as well as confident. My energy level has increased and I am having a great time! Thank you Master B for all you do for us." - Student
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Our Mission

At One Tree Martial Arts, our mission is to teach the highest quality blend of traditional and modern day martial arts and to try to instill in each student self confidence, good health and fitness habits, a strong character, an awareness of others as well as the skills needed to defend themselves. We believe that these traits, once acquired, will positively affect every aspect of a student's life, and that by instilling these skills, our students will be motivated to become dynamic leaders in our community and will also develop the positive personal qualities to become successful in life.
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